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Dhow is a boat made of wood used for Arabian and Indian

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Dhow is a boat made of wood used for Arabian and Indian

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Dhow is a boat made of wood used for Arabian and Indian

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Dhow is a boat made of wood used for Arabian and Indian

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dubai is very famous for its food and taste. Well, you must find something exhilarating to add charm to your tour at Dhow Cruise. Therefore, it’s would be great to select something that provides a beautiful experience in your life. Just board Dhow Cruise Dubai to enjoy the world out there where you will find exciting and amazing night views through the pristine water.

Available things to do at Dhow Cruise

The places consist of the yacht clubs, Marina Towers, Dubai Marina, and more. You will also find the complete air condition places to stay relax. On the other hand, open-air decks and also brings the open upper as well as lower deck. Just grab the opportunity whenever you visit Dhow Cruise  Dubai. We are providing delicious and yummy dinners and cruises on the exciting and particular floating restaurants.

Buffet Style Dining

You can get dinning as per your demand and enjoy the meal. The buffet-style dining is very famous along with superb yummy desserts, main course specialties, and the starter. However, a great variety of meals are available there for you similarly both the Non-veg and the vegetarian food will be available at your service.


Moreover, besides the dining services and stunning traditional services, you can relish the onboard spectrum of activities which includes the Tanura Dance shows and live music shows. Discover the shimmering and lovely sights of waterfronts at the Dhow Cruise Dubai. Dhow Cruise Dubai views are the beautiful, casual settings that you will find.

Why You Should Select Creek Cruise?

Dubai is thought to be an expensive country due to its some services but it is not so true to some extent. The creeks are said to be the historic attraction in Dubai that provides compelling exciting ways to relish. Further, the whole journey begins in a classy wooden vessel that is called the Dhow. It played a vital role in ancient times. Additionally, it vanishes all the worries and stress of yours with its superb surroundings. In this way, once you join the Dhow Cruise Creek Dinners you will forget all the things except and the only thing that you will remember is your visit to Dhow Cruise. Besides, apart from the stunning architecture, modern age structures, and the old age structures, the major thing to relish is the dining highlight.

End Lines:

Dhow Cruise Dubai is a well Known beautiful cruising place to let you beautify your life events. Moreover, the amazing views, surrounded by water, seawater sceneries are the biggest attractions for the tourist. All the luxurious experience is provided to each tourist who visits there. You can do anything that you desire during your dining and visit to Dhow Cruise Dubai Dinner. You can also visit Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina and Dubai Canal.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Packages


Dhow Cruise Creek Tour

100 AED

Beautiful trip of creek on our state-of-the-art Dhow, with welcome drinks and Arabic music. Come and enjoy our beautiful environment.

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Dubai Canal Cruise

150 AED

You should join us for the tour of Dubai Canal Cruise. Enjoy our warm welcome, Arabic Qahwa, Dinner and many other activities

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Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai

300 AED

Trip of Two hours of dhow cruise marina Dubai. It will be a very exciting activity. So don’t miss this and come with your beloved one.

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Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai

350 AED

In Marina, we are just a single company that has Glass Boat. So, join us and enjoy our beautiful glass boat.

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New Year Night Creek Cruise

100 AED

This trip starts at 01:30 – 02:00 PM, when guests are picked up from their accommodations. After taking part in our 45 Min Dune Bashing, You can rest at the camp & enjoy the calming vibe and aura as the sun-set & activities.
banner 1

New Year Night Premium Creek Cruise

100 AED

This trip starts at 01:30 – 02:00 PM, when guests are picked up from their accommodations. After taking part in our 45 Min Dune Bashing, You can rest at the camp & enjoy the calming vibe and aura as the sun-set & activities.
banner 3

New Year Night Creek Cruise

100 AED

This trip starts at 01:30 – 02:00 PM, when guests are picked up from their accommodations. After taking part in our 45 Min Dune Bashing, You can rest at the camp & enjoy the calming vibe and aura as the sun-set & activities.
banner 2

New Year Night Creek Cruise

100 AED

This trip starts at 01:30 – 02:00 PM, when guests are picked up from their accommodations. After taking part in our 45 Min Dune Bashing, You can rest at the camp & enjoy the calming vibe and aura as the sun-set & activities.

What things you should expect from dhow cruise Dubai?

Have you ever been on a dhow cruise creek? If not, then you are missing out on the unforgettable experience. Do you know what is dhow cruise? It is an Arabian boat. This boat has been used for centuries by traders and fishers in the Persian Gulf.
These days, dhow cruises Dubai creek are available to tourists. The reason is to provide the opportunity to experience Dubai’s culture and history. In this article, we will discuss what you can expect and some other things about a dhow cruise creek:

Things to consider before going for dhow cruise creek:

There are a few other things that you should consider before taking a dhow cruise Dubai creek.
  • Firstly, the cruise is quite affordable, so it’s excellent value for money.
  • Secondly, the cruise is suitable for all ages.
  • Finally, you should dress comfortably for the cruise. It means wearing loose, comfortable clothing.

What to expect from dhow cruise Dubai creek?

When you go for a dhow cruise Dubai creek, you can expect some extraordinary things. All these things are given below:
  • You can expect to see some of the most impressive sights.
  • The creek is a natural harbor used for centuries as a trading route. It means that you will see a mix of traditional and modern architecture.
  • The cruise will take you through the old and new parts of the city. You will see the contrast between the two and learn about Dubai’s history.
  • It allows you to see the city’s skyline. The sailboat will take you under the bridges and past the skyline.
The cruise usually lasts around two hours, so you will have plenty of time to take in the sights.

Why choose dhow cruise Dubai?

There are many reasons to choose dhow cruise Dubai. All the reasons that you should know include:

Observer of amazing views:

When you are on a dhow, you will be able to see the fantastic views of Dubai. Trust us; you can never see these views from the land. A creek is a unique place. You can find the best of both worlds; modern and traditional architecture standing side by side.

Learn about the culture and history:

Not only will you be able to witness the architecture. But the thing is, you will also learn about the culture and history of Dubai. The dhow cruise is a great way to see the city’s skyline and learn about its history.

Delicious dinner:

In addition, you will be able to taste the delicious dinner that is served on the cruise. You can enjoy a wide variety of Middle Eastern and international dinners. You will also find lots of vegs and non-vegs platters to choose from. It depends on you which type of food you want to eat.

Perfect for all occasions:

The dhow cruise is perfect for all occasions; if you celebrate a special event, it is the best option. If you want to spend some quality time with your loved ones, the cruise is still best. Most interesting entertainment shows: You can also enjoy the entertainment shows that are held on the cruise. These shows include belly dancing and Tanoura dance shows. In belly dance, the dancer will use her stomach muscles to create a fantastic show. Tanoura dance is a traditional dance that is performed by spinning dancers.


Overall, a dhow cruise Dubai creek is the best option for you to see the city and learn about its culture and history. So, if you are visiting Dubai, be sure to take a cruise on the creek.


A dhow cruise is the perfect form of entertainment with the amendments of a restaurant. The dhow cruise is the most special type of fun environment here. The desert safari produced the most informative enjoying level there. Come here to find the best place for your truest charming tour.
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The tour will be starting here right on time. The desert safari reshapes itself in this era as well. The tour is carried out in two forms. The morning and evening themes are packed with the creek and Marina insertions. The tour is best done in the evening so that you can appreciate the true beauty of this location.
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