Best place to visit in January

Best place to visit in January

As January reaches it gives the impression approximating half of the Northern Hemisphere is observing for a place to escape the cold. A piece of great news for travelers in January is that there are countless great options in the Southern Hemisphere and the Tropics. So it is fair the difficulty of finding the one that suits you best. January is a great month to travel, with the break haste in the rearview mirror. While charges begin to descent, escorting in the perfect time to plane to lush greenery grasslands. The skiing is primary closer to home, however tropical and Southern Hemisphere destinations work thriving for those craving a dose of sunshine. But it is difficult to find where to travel in January?

For those who live in North America and Europe should plan to travel to the Caribbean in January, utilizing it is distant faster and calmer to reach than the inexpensive options in Southeast Asia. Best of all, the Caribbean offers different packages to travel in January. Here are all the best places to visit in January to surprise your new year on a great note by gratifying your desire for itchy feet and finding solitude amidst nature, mountains, and on the land of versing countries. Scroll down and make your private list of the best places to visit in January.

Mexico, Cancun

Average temperature in January: 82°F

Cancun is a south-of-the-border hot spot that accurately has something for everybody, commencing hard-partying college students and bachelorette parties to honeymooners as well as families. There is at least a lesser chance that it will rain a bit during January in Cancun, but remember that the showers have a tendency to be over in 30 to 60 minutes and that they frequently take place overnight. It’s worth noting that “Cancun” is an enormous area with sufficiently to offer. The tangible hotel zone in Cancun is typically high-rise hotels overlooking beaches, while if you go about an hour south you will reach in Playa del Carmen, which is an attractive and tourist-friendly town having slighter hotels and excellent choices for dining, nightlife, as well as shopping. Unbiased a short ferry ride from Playa you will be in Cozumel, which showcase beautiful seen and it is a small island that is also worth considering.


Cambodia is one of the enjoyable and attractive destinations. Explore Cambodia, and you will bargain plentiful attractions ranging from unspoiled beaches and colonial townscapes over compact forests and majestic rivers and lakes. The imaginary shrines of Angkor continue to fascinate millions of visitors each year. Beside many shrines, Cambodia is pleasingly untouristy. Cambodia residues are largely unexplored in many places.

Phnom Penh is the capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Siem Reap is Cambodia’s principal tourist town. This city bargains as a gateway to the shrines of Angkor. Cambodia has a lot of shrines Temples of Angkor for most tourists that indicate to come here, Cambodia trip is not widespread without a visit to the memorable temples of Angkor. Southwest Cambodia and The Southern Islands Sihanoukville is the most popular beach resort. Ochheuteal Beach and Providence Beach Road rationalize their party town reputation. Just over 20km from Kratie is Kampie which offers the best riverside vantage point to view a pod of infrequent freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the capital of Australia and famous for its opera houses and Harbour Bridge, situated in the south-east corner of Australia. January is prototypical Sydney summer, with pleasant temperatures, and the Sydney Festival stuffing the city with music and art. January is summer period in Sydney brings months of wanted weather with the warmest month in the calendar, during January, enjoying eight hours of sunshine and temperatures averaging at 27.4 °C. The unforgettable fireworks displays, a neon cataclysm of pinks, purples, blues as well as reds, throughout the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are considered as perhaps the best in the world. Plan a January tour to Sydney and enjoy the firework display and Opera House’s destination.


January waterfalls during Thailand’s dry season, making it a principally peaceful period to visit the country, which is known as the “Land of Smiles.” Thailand is wonderful in January, it is peak season, and however, the mayhem of the Christmas and New Year celebrations are over. Bearable temperatures, sunny days, and lower humidity mark January a good time to explore Bangkok. It is also a popular time as well, specifically with Chinese New Year festivities in the city’s pulsating Chinatown area. As well-known as the Spring Festival. Chinese New Year festivities bring into being on Spring Festival Eve, with dragon performers and special dinners. Visit the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market for clothing, art, handcrafts, food, as well as more. Pamper yourself with a break at the Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, and be one of the first to enjoy the recently restored River Wing, set to reopen in December.


Dubai is a world market for Brands shopping, a small number of places around the world take shopping and it is one among these. Subsequently, it should come as no amazement that the Emirate plays host to a month-long festival exclusively devoted to retail therapy. Designers derive upon the city for the Shopping Festival when shops and boutiques bargain discounts all month long.

During January, everybody will catch high-end designer sales, in-store promotions, and festivities all over the city. Plus, if you don’t want shopping, you can go skiing esoteric the Malls in the Emirates, for the reason that this is Dubai we are talking about. Reserve a room at the just-opened Bulgarian Resort and Residences book a table by the window at Armani Restaurant. You can Also go for adventure like desert safari, Quad biking, Camel Ride, City Tour and Delicious Dinner at Dhow Cruise Dubai

South Africa

There are so many reasons to explore South Africa but wonderful food and wine, beaches, hotels. Extraordinary scenery, from the Garden Route and Western Cape to the Little Karoo. The second-largest city in South Africa is Cape Town, situated on south-coast and an active as well as coming most famous holiday destination. The climate of South Africa is labeled as the Mediterranean, its serious summer month but remaining hot with utmost averaging at 27 °C with eleven hours of sunshine. It is quietly pleasurable sufficient to wrap up and sit outside for dinner or to enjoy an open-air cinema broadcast.

Absolutely exciting wildlife encounters on safari, remaining at the most improbable lodges, in knock-out villas. Performing a lot of activities like a hike on Table Mountain, a tour to Boulders Beach, a photoshoot at the Cape of Good Hope, and a maze-like drive along Champman’s Peak, as well as a day, spent wine-tasting in adjoining Franschhoek.

Cartagena, Colombia

Average daily temperature in January: 87°F

Cartagena is the essence of a stifling escape. January brings tropical temperatures, minimal humidity, and the lowest chance of precipitation. Cartagena’s remarkable center, surrounded by miles of ancient walls, was professed a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984. Home to attractive expatriate architecture, hotels, boutiques, as well as restaurants, “Old Cartagena” can be traveled on directed walking tours and on your own.

Cartagena crowds numerous festivals in January, counting the annual Cartagena Festival de Musica International Music Festival, which will be detained from January 4-12 the Hay Festival will host mythical occasions featuring writers, poets, journalists, as well as academics Fried Food Festival on January 20 will have fun street foods, particularly “Fritos,” crisp pockets of cornflour packed with tasty meats and flavors.

Tasmania, Australia

During January, Tasmania bargains two dates for their Perfect Tasmania trip that comprises a hike up Mount Nelson, walking through the Botanic Gardens in Hobart, and sightseeing Cradle Mountain National Park’s harsh ancient forests and alpine heathlands. Don’t disremember dreamy hotels like Zagame’s House on Lygon Street and Coppersmith a small drive from the central business district. Sufficient chances for people watching, windsurfing, and tasting specialty coffee anticipate in the palm-fringed shoreline conurbation St. Kilda at Sydney Other highlights comprise lavender fields, wineries, beaches fringed by compact bush, and many more.


Panama is perfect weather-wise in January. Panama is the most valuable Catholic Church. Panama City is a diverse core merging 18th-century architecture, world-class art, tropical rainforests, and a various foodie scene. Explore the remarkable Blunt Gehry-designed Biomuseo and the popular Miraflores Locks, wherever you will catch a behind-the-scenes look at the captivating workings of the Panama Canal, and hike to the summit of Cerro Ancon. Unsurprisingly, your first seaport of call is the Panama Canal, a man-made waterway widening out 820km, connecting the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic, first constructed over 100 years ago. Panama City has further to offer than its canal. There are the UNESCO listed areas of Casco Viejo and Panama Viejo, for antipasti. Cobbled streets, colonial architecture, and cool restaurants anticipate, as does La Cathedral Metropolitan.

Hill Country, Sri Lanka

The average temperature of Sri Lanka: 30 °C

People’s idea of wandering to the south-west of Sri Lanka, January is an imaginary time to tourism, with these areas of the island getting average temperatures. A good chance to spend long, comforting days on the beach, explore historic towns such as Galle and Colombo as well as even try to spot elephants and leopards in Yala National Park. This Mountain Country is the impeccable region to explore. Kandy city is excellent to start a visit. It’s enclosed by mountains, therefore the faultless setting for nature lovers. It’s a cultural hot spot in Sri Lanka and boasts museums, huge Buddha’s as well as outstanding, golden shrines to marvel at. Appreciate the lavish, green landscapes by train, the rail journey from Nuwara Eliya, and Ella is worn out but for a good chance, taking you past deep blue heavens and countryside tea plantations.


A hot-weather escape doesn’t essentially indicate basking on the beach and verging out around the pool. White-sand beaches and warm, tranquil waters are just the start of what anticipates you on the Globus Hawaii holidays. Globus takes you to the most popular islands, containing Oahu, Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai, wherever you will see lush valleys and histrionic cliffs, trip historic monuments, visit volcanic basins, and relax in paradise. Being your adventures with a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful island on a Blue Hawaiian helicopter tour of the Waimea Canyon for an up-close viewpoint, hike on the rugged clifftops Kalalau Trail. Papakolea Beach displays stunning green sand as a result of a mineral called olivine. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is really different than other the planet. Charges are much high on higher sides at the beginning of January but low and become moderate in the middle of January.

Havana, Cuba

The average temperature of Havana: 27°C

Cuba is one of the cultural city and it is an excellent location for warm-weather vocations during January. Lookout as Cadillacs rolls down the coastal boulevards, walkthrough traditional tobacco plantations in Vinales, and realize as a cigar production in full swing country. Laze on the shorelines of the Caribbean on some of the world’s whitest sands, plus feel the humid and piquant vibes of salsa as you dance the night away in Havana. weekend in Havana For the wanderer with a short time but a lot of concern, insight Cuba offers a jam-packed for four day weekend with cultural tourist attractions plus realistic Cuban experiences in Havana. The good thing about January in Cuba is that the moisture and UV index are not as well high so you don’t have to worry about existence scratchy and scorching in the midday heat.

Average temperature of Havana: 27°C

Cuba is one of the cultural city and it is excellent location for a warm-weather vocations during January. Lookout as Cadillacs roll down the coastal boulevards, walk through traditional tobacco plantations in Vinales and realizeas a cigar production in full swing country. Laze on the shore lines of the Caribbean on some of the world’s whitest sands, plus feel the humid and piquant vibes of salsa as you dance the night away in Havana. weekend in Havana For the wanderer with short time but a lot of concern, insight Cuba offers a jam-packed for four day weekend with cultural tourist attractions plus realistic Cuban experiences in Havana. The good thing about January in Cuba is that the moisture and UV index are not as well high so you don’t have to worry about exist encescratchy and scorching in the midday heat.

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