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In Dubai join the evening of the Dhow Cruise Marina and relish yourself with the great and enchanting beauty of the Dhow Cruise Marina. The traditional wooden cruise will make you amazed with its charm, this is present at the center of the Cyan Towers the famous five-star hotels, skyscrapers, and the more. In other words, it facilities a lot of activities in the hustle-bustle of Dhow Cruise Marina. The visitors are attracted toward the Dhow cruise Marina in Dubai and provide a stunning view because of water on both sides. Their lightning Skyscrapers provide a beautiful and mesmerizing view of the restaurants. However, it includes the activities for the tourists that are enjoyable and lovely. International Buffet System is available at the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. Moreover ride to the Dhow Cruise Dinner sites is the best thing to do while visiting Marina Dhow Cruise. It includes background music and entertaining shows. The Dhow Cruise Marina Dinner is the most widely recommended one for large groups, family, friends, and couples. Based on exclusiveness, the organization of booking the Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai is optimized according to the needs of the whole group.

Why Visit Marina Cruise?

The best way to admire the contemporary cityscape of Dubai’s Uber is Dhow Cruise Marina. This 2 Hours sailing will take you down to one of the main and major Dhow Cruise marina Dinner places in its neighborhood. You can feel the charm in the cultural layers of Dubai and also can aboard the pearl farming and fishing during the pre-oil stage. Dhow Cruise Marina comes with air-conditioned seating areas with beautiful arrangements and it partly opens up the lower as well as the upper deck. Another major and most loved feature is the Food Services with the perfect stylish international system inside the atmospheric settings. The distinct sightseeing at the Cruise Marina is also provided for the services to the visitors. Besides, just like the Dhow Cruise Creek, it comes with the traditional entertaining program for your joy.

What Experience does it provide?

Well, how the Dhow Cruise Marina Dinner seems to be? You will get the idea from the given highlights that how it looks like and these are according to the selection of the visitors that let demand more. However, the fun is fully guaranteed and you will enjoy being there.


The Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai does not provide superb culinary only but the sightseeing experiences. Further, also offers a glimpse of the cultural heritage of the region. Generally, you can select the services to be treated like that with traditional live shows, art forms, and the traditional art forms. While you are choosing the best Dhow cruise Marina, it offers holistic highlights to add to your experience as well as offers great deals. You will find the live performance by expert and professional music artists such as Arabic music, Youwla Dance, and the Tanoura Dance.


The Luxurious Dhow Cruise Dinner at the night sky will be the best memory ever with unforgettable memories. It is magical and the most famous Cruise Marina and you can visit the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina to make the experience much great. A three-course meal that is International dishes and the Continental dishes in the Skyscrapers through the Dhow Cruise Marina and just stays relaxed with the soft drinks and the Chilled juice. Either the visitors can go for the sunset Dhow Cruise Marina dinner or they can also select the recommended Dhow Cruise Dinner which will sail after the sunset.


Marina Dubai is the crushing sight and beholds sight via canals and this offers the unparalleled sights of things and the buildings which have become the best landmark over the international map. Among various views, you can see and you will be mesmerized, moreover, you may miss some of them while some of them should be seen such as the Dubai Marina Mall, yacht Club promenade, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Palm the hotel Atlantis, and the Burj Al Arab. Further, by any chance, you might also see and admire the unique buildings and the architecture which is surrounded by the residential building and others. Also, you can see the high office buildings, recreational spaces, and a lot more. Similarly, you can select the Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai in the day time if you desire to understand and view perfect architecture. You can also join the Dhow Cruise Marina at night or in the evening time cruise so that you can view the new Dubai Shining beneath the sky.

End Thoughts

Marina Cruise is a perfect visiting Dubai is now a well renowned and it is becoming very progressive at a rapid rate. However, the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina always remains the essential component of the tradition and the culture. Marina Cruise provides a nostalgic romantic setting past for the short Dhow Cruise Marina Dinner. Now it means that the romantic dinner onboard provides leisure time for the 2 hours. All the surrounding of the Dhow Cruise Marina shows contrasting building and architecture images. Dubai Jumeirah Beach as well as the Dubai Eye residency present on the other view of the Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai. The shimmering and the glare of the lights attract more people and these lights give a new dimension and swing to your dinner. At night the Sparkling and stunning wood designs added more glamor to Dubai and make it more eye-catching. Therefore, you must visit Dhow Marina Cruise at least one time in your lifetime.

Dhow Cruise Marina


Dhow Cruise Marina

Basic Package

AED 80

per person
Premium Package

AED 100

per person


Basic Package Includes
Premium Package Includes
Boarding Location
Basic Tour : Dubai Marina
Premium Tour : Al Seef heritage Dubai near Hilton. Dubai
Boarding Time
Basic : 08:00 - 08:30 PM
Premium : 08:00 - 08:30 PM
Cruising Hours
Basic 08:30 - 10:30 PM
Premium 08:30 - 10:30 PM
Note: Pick and Drop Off Option Available Upon Booking
Booking Procedure

Call or send online inquiry for availability
Proceed with your payment Cash on day or online transfer or ATM deposit
You will receive email confirmation of payment and tour details intently

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Booking should be made in advance.

Trip Cancellation / Amendment should be informed within 24 hours, otherwise 100% Cancellation Charges may apply. Children below 3 Years of age are free of charge and above 3 years will be charged the same as adult.

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